Colourpop Lipstick

I love product shooting, stylizing is one of my favorite parts about photography. I thought a lot about what I wanted to use as my backdrop for this particular shoot, but nothing was really coming to mind. However, as I read the assignment description again, I thought about how interesting it would be to have a magazine ad, featuring another magazine. With this in mind, off to the grocery store I went to find a magazine advertisement that would match the vibe of the lipsticks. I have been created mood boards for a long time to find inspiration for projects, and I decided that I wanted this image to feel as if you were looking at a collage, a collection of ideas to celebrate the main focus, the lipstick.  I felt like the warm studio lighting created an emphasized amount of contrast within my images that helped with the overall feeling of my piece.

I struggle sometimes in the studio because I get nervous about being technically equipped with the lights etc. However, I have found that as I push myself to shoot in the studio, I have discovered a new love for artificial light and the power behind it. It takes practice to learn new techniques and practices, within the realm of photography it is usually always worth the time.



This project was more fun than I expected. Once I stumbled upon this fenced off junkyard in old town, I immediately connected with the trashy orange car and knew it would be the main subject of my photographs. Most of the colors within the junkyard scene were soft cool tones. I knew that capturing the orange car would provide contrast to my piece. I think the pop of orange is a strength to my project and gives the viewer a clear focus point within the junkyard.

My biggest challenge when shooting this was perspective. Since the junkyard was blocked off with a barbwire fence it was difficult to move around my subject. With this in mind I decided to utilize the fence to help my images show depth of field. I also climbed on top of my own car so I could have the height to capture the entire junkyard, that way the viewer could see multiple perspectives of the setting of the photo.

Lastly, I loved the overall grungy aesthetic that was created within this group of photos. To capitalize on this aspect, I brought my images into to Photoshop and used the brush tool to add some edgy white static to each image. For the particular tone of these photos I felt like the brush tool effect worked very well, in both the color and B&W versions.


Desolate Coca Cola

This assignment took me out of my regular shooting element. I primarily shoot fashion and portrait photography, so my composition skills were stretched as I tried to focus on the deadpan aspect of my shots. My initial reaction to this assignment was to go to Old Town Pocatello because I thought that the old architecture would help me capture the deadpan style. When I stumbled upon the Swire Coca Cola property that’s when the idea hit me. Coca Cola is a brand full of emotion. When someone thinks of Coke’s branding words such as warmth, share, Christmas, happy, and family all come to mind. However, when I saw all of the empty vending machines stacked on top of each other in the vacant parking lot, for once the brand looked quite the opposite. I chose to have all my shots based off Coco Cola, but rather than making the brand look rich in american culture and lively, by posing with one of my girlfriends.

I took the opposite approach. I wanted the coke brand to seem mundane. I chose landscapes that weren’t exciting and just shot the reality of the product. My main purpose was to eliminate the emotional association from the Coca Cola brand with my photographs, by styling the coke to stand alone.


I was a little nervous for this shoot because it was my first time working in a studio. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the experience, shooting inside allowed me to have a sense of control that isn’t possible to obtain in an outside environment. Knowing that I wouldn’t have a location to rely on, I wanted to make sure that the styling of my model made a statement. After a couple brainstorming sessions I decided to portray my main message through make-up and lighting, which led me to pick the pride flag. My friends involved with this project are passionate about LGTBQ topics and were excited to model and contribute. The team aspect was awesome, all three of us offered different creative skills to complete the final project. I was overall impressed by the execution of my vision. I have definetly had ideas in the past where the shoot just doesn’t end up working out. I  couldn’t have created this alone so I’m super grateful for my volunteers.

Model: Ethan Likness

Make Up Artist: Katie Damron

Photographer: Malia Braun