I was a little nervous for this shoot because it was my first time working in a studio. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the experience, shooting inside allowed me to have a sense of control that isn’t possible to obtain in an outside environment. Knowing that I wouldn’t have a location to rely on, I wanted to make sure that the styling of my model made a statement. After a couple brainstorming sessions I decided to portray my main message through make-up and lighting, which led me to pick the pride flag. My friends involved with this project are passionate about LGTBQ topics and were excited to model and contribute. The team aspect was awesome, all three of us offered different creative skills to complete the final project. I was overall impressed by the execution of my vision. I have definetly had ideas in the past where the shoot just doesn’t end up working out. I  couldn’t have created this alone so I’m super grateful for my volunteers.

Model: Ethan Likness

Make Up Artist: Katie Damron

Photographer: Malia Braun


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