Desolate Coca Cola

This assignment took me out of my regular shooting element. I primarily shoot fashion and portrait photography, so my composition skills were stretched as I tried to focus on the deadpan aspect of my shots. My initial reaction to this assignment was to go to Old Town Pocatello because I thought that the old architecture would help me capture the deadpan style. When I stumbled upon the Swire Coca Cola property that’s when the idea hit me. Coca Cola is a brand full of emotion. When someone thinks of Coke’s branding words such as warmth, share, Christmas, happy, and family all come to mind. However, when I saw all of the empty vending machines stacked on top of each other in the vacant parking lot, for once the brand looked quite the opposite. I chose to have all my shots based off Coco Cola, but rather than making the brand look rich in american culture and lively, by posing with one of my girlfriends.

I took the opposite approach. I wanted the coke brand to seem mundane. I chose landscapes that weren’t exciting and just shot the reality of the product. My main purpose was to eliminate the emotional association from the Coca Cola brand with my photographs, by styling the coke to stand alone.


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