This project was more fun than I expected. Once I stumbled upon this fenced off junkyard in old town, I immediately connected with the trashy orange car and knew it would be the main subject of my photographs. Most of the colors within the junkyard scene were soft cool tones. I knew that capturing the orange car would provide contrast to my piece. I think the pop of orange is a strength to my project and gives the viewer a clear focus point within the junkyard.

My biggest challenge when shooting this was perspective. Since the junkyard was blocked off with a barbwire fence it was difficult to move around my subject. With this in mind I decided to utilize the fence to help my images show depth of field. I also climbed on top of my own car so I could have the height to capture the entire junkyard, that way the viewer could see multiple perspectives of the setting of the photo.

Lastly, I loved the overall grungy aesthetic that was created within this group of photos. To capitalize on this aspect, I brought my images into to Photoshop and used the brush tool to add some edgy white static to each image. For the particular tone of these photos I felt like the brush tool effect worked very well, in both the color and B&W versions.



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