Colourpop Lipstick

I love product shooting, stylizing is one of my favorite parts about photography. I thought a lot about what I wanted to use as my backdrop for this particular shoot, but nothing was really coming to mind. However, as I read the assignment description again, I thought about how interesting it would be to have a magazine ad, featuring another magazine. With this in mind, off to the grocery store I went to find a magazine advertisement that would match the vibe of the lipsticks. I have been created mood boards for a long time to find inspiration for projects, and I decided that I wanted this image to feel as if you were looking at a collage, a collection of ideas to celebrate the main focus, the lipstick.  I felt like the warm studio lighting created an emphasized amount of contrast within my images that helped with the overall feeling of my piece.

I struggle sometimes in the studio because I get nervous about being technically equipped with the lights etc. However, I have found that as I push myself to shoot in the studio, I have discovered a new love for artificial light and the power behind it. It takes practice to learn new techniques and practices, within the realm of photography it is usually always worth the time.


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